About bereavement and grief

How long does grief last? And how can I cope with my bereavement? In this section, you’ll find support and advice to help you throughout your grief journey if you’re struggling after a bereavement.

Losing a sibling
Losing a sibling can be incredibly painful as your brother or sister can hold a special place in your life. Here we share advice to help you cope with your grief.
Coping with the loss of a baby or child
Information about how the death of a child can affect you, as well as practical advice to help you cope with your grief.
Coping with the death of a friend
We talk through how the death of a friend can affect you and explain why it’s important to remember that your grief and your feelings are valid.
Losing a grandparent
The death of a grandparent can affect multiple generations within a family, even though this type of bereavement can be seen as a normal part of our lives and getting older.
Grieving for a public figure
When a public figure dies, the news can elicit a range of emotions. You may feel a deep sense of loss if they were someone you admire, or you might find that their death brings feelings of your own grief to the surface again.
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Grief Kind
With the right help, we can learn to live with grief. Find out how Sue Ryder can help you to become Grief Kind and support people you care about who are coping with grief.
Our free publications
On this page you’ll find information to download or order about living with or caring for someone with a life-limiting condition, and coping with the loss of a loved one.