Helping you cope with grief

The death of someone close to you can be devastating. Here, you’ll find information and advice to help you cope with the grieving process.

How can I cope with bereavement?
The death of someone can be overwhelming and you may feel a mix of emotions. There are things you can do and people who can support you through your bereavement.
Returning to work after a bereavement
Returning to work after bereavement can be a challenging time. It is important that your employer and colleagues are there to support you when you need them.
An illustration of pages from a calendar, with the numbers 9, 10 and 11 on
How to cope with death anniversaries
Whether you’re grieving for your mum, dad or someone else, find advice about how to prepare for and cope with a loved one’s death anniversary.
Supporting the LGBTQ+ community through grief and bereavement
During grief, there are certain challenges that someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ may face when trying to come to terms with their bereavement.
How to start a grief journal
Read about the benefits of keeping a grief journal and how to get started with your own, including prompts about what you might want to write about.
Illustration of man reaching into a box with a heart into it
How to make a memory box
Read about how making a bereavement memory box could help you throughout your grief journey. Plus, ideas to help you start your own box.
Coping with grief on Mother’s Day
Whether you’re missing your mum, or you had a more difficult relationship, Mother’s Day and the lead up to it can trigger many different emotions if your mum has died.
Coping with grief on Father’s Day
Whether you’re missing your dad, or you’re dealing with complicated feelings after his death, we have advice to help you cope with grief during this time.
Coping with grief at Christmas
Whether it’s your first Christmas without a loved one, or you’ve been missing them for years, get tips and advice to help you cope with your grief and sadness.
Valentine’s Day and grief
Facing Valentine’s Day after the death of your partner can be a painful reminder of what's changed. Find advice on how to cope with the day without the person you love by your side.