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On this page, you’ll find information to download or you can order Sue Ryder printed leaflets or booklets. Please note, we will only send printed materials to UK addresses, but you are very welcome to download copies if you live outside of this area.

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Leaflets to download or order

Living with a life-limiting condition: planning for the future

Setting out your wishes can help your family at an already difficult time. This A5 leaflet explains lasting power of attorney, advance care planning and writing a will.

Please note: Printed copies of this leaflet are currently out of stock, but you can still download it below as a PDF to print yourself at home.

Learning to live with grief

This A5 leaflet suggests some different ways to cope with your grief, and how to find support if needed.

What to expect in the last few days of life

This A5 leaflet guides you through what to expect when someone is dying and immediately after.

What needs to be done after someone dies

This A5 leaflet guides you through the steps needed to register the death, who you might need to tell, planning the funeral and sorting out money and belongings.

Sue Ryder Online Bereavement Support information

This A5 leaflet, A4 poster and selection of A5 postcards give an overview of the information and support available through Sue Ryder’s Online Bereavement Community and Online Bereavement Counselling service.

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