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Online bereavement support

We’re here to connect you with the right support for you. Whether that’s information and resources, personalised text messages, qualified counsellors or a community of others with similar experiences.

Our services

Our services are free and easy to access on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Read our bereavement information articles

Our expert information provides ways to deal with the practical and emotional issues after someone has died.

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Personalised grief support via text

Subscribe to our Sue Ryder Grief Coach text support for personalised tips, resources and reminders throughout the year, direct to your phone.

  • Curated messages tailored to your circumstances.
  • Support on anniversaries and during the holidays.
  • Texts for friends to help them support you.
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Talk to others who are grieving

Our Online Bereavement Community is a place to share experiences, get things off your chest and chat to people who understand.

  • Ask questions and get support from other bereaved people.
  • Share your story and emotions anonymously.
  • Offer advice and support to others.
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Expert advice and tools for grief

Grief Guide is a safe space, free from other distractions, where you can find self-help tools and information to help you cope with grief.

  • Explore your emotions and feelings.
  • Read about other people’s experiences of grief.
  • Access our interactive self-help tools.
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Talk to an expert via video

Our online counselling service provides free, short-term support for people struggling with grief.

  • talk to a qualified counsellor by video
  • up to 6 online sessions, at times that suit you
  • speak from the comfort of your own home