About bereavement and grief

How long does grief last? And how can I cope with my bereavement? In this section, you’ll find support and advice to help you throughout your grief journey if you’re struggling after a bereavement.

What is bereavement?
We explore the meaning of bereavement and share advice about what support is available to help you through your grief.
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How long does grief last?
There’s no timetable for how long grief lasts or how you should feel. On this page we explore “How long does grief last?” and the “grief timeline”.
Are there stages of grief?
We explore the stages of grief theory in more detail, focusing on how it was developed and why it isn't truly reflective of the grieving process.
Answers to common questions about grief
When someone dies, the people close to them can feel a whole range of emotions. Here are some of the questions we frequently hear about grief and bereavement.
Men and grief: understanding and supporting a grieving man
There isn't a "male way" to grieve, but how someone is brought up, the society they live in and the social norms they are surrounded by could affect how they cope.
Growing around grief
Growing around grief, also known as Tonkin's model of grief or the fried egg model, can be helpful after a bereavement. It is way of understanding grief without the idea of 'moving on' or 'getting over it'.
Losing a parent
Losing your mother or father can be an incredibly painful experience and you may go through a range of emotions, like shock, regret and anger after their death.
Losing a partner or spouse
Losing a husband, wife or civil partner can be hard to accept. Here we share information and advice to help you deal with your grief.
Losing a sibling
Losing a sibling can be incredibly painful as your brother or sister can hold a special place in your life. Here we share advice to help you cope with your grief.
Coping with the loss of a baby or child
Information about how the death of a child can affect you, as well as practical advice to help you cope with your grief.