Supporting someone bereaved

Everyone’s grief is different. Here we share guidance and advice about supporting someone else who is grieving - both emotionally and practically - when they have been bereaved.

A black woman with cropped grey hair is sitting on a yellow sofa looking pensive.
What to say to someone who is grieving
While each bereaved person’s experience will be different, these tips will give you ideas for how to help them feel heard and supported.
The support bereaved people say is most helpful
There are lots of ways you can support a bereaved person. These are things people have told us they found most helpful after their loved one died.
Keep it real: what to write in a bereavement card
Sending a bereavement card is one of the first things we think about doing when we know that someone has died. But so many of us struggle with finding the right words to say when we write it.
How can you support someone who is grieving?
Looking for advice on how to help someone who is grieving? Here are some things you can do for a bereaved person to support them through their grief.
Supporting children and young people
Whether you are a young person who is grieving or you are supporting a child or young person who has been bereaved, we’re here to help.
Employers supporting staff through bereavement
Advice, information and resources for employers supporting employees who are coping with a bereavement at work.
Supporting your loved one through grief at Christmas
Need some support with knowing what to say in a Christmas card for someone coping with grief? We are here to help you support your loved ones.