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Grief Kind

With the right help, we can learn to live with grief. Find out how Sue Ryder can help you to become Grief Kind and support people you care about who are coping with grief.

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If you’re wondering how to help a loved one, Bianca, Sue Ryder’s Head of Bereavement is here to help. Sign up to our Grief Kind emails to receive her expert advice.
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Watch our Grief Kind Classes
In our short videos, Sue Ryder bereavement experts can give you tips and tools, along with first-hand stories on how they’ve supported people who are grieving.
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Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind Podcast
Listen to our Grief Kind podcast hosted by author, journalist and Sue Ryder ambassador, Clover Stroud, as she speaks with celebrities about their experiences of bereavement and the support which helped them learn to live with grief.
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Online Bereavement Support

Access a range of support including free video counselling, an online community, plus advice and resources.

Find your local Grief Kind Space

Find out more about our new Sue Ryder Grief Kind Spaces across the country, giving people who are grieving access to informal, in-person, peer-to-peer support.

Keep it real: what to write in a bereavement card
Sending a bereavement card is one of the first things we think about doing when we know that someone has died. But so many of us struggle with finding the right words to say when we write it.
Supporting someone bereaved
Everyone’s grief is different. Here we share guidance and advice about supporting someone else who is grieving - both emotionally and practically - when they have been bereaved.
Men and grief: understanding and supporting a grieving man
There isn't a "male way" to grieve, but how someone is brought up, the society they live in and the social norms they are surrounded by could affect how they cope.