Did you know Manorlands Hospice offers a range of day therapy services?

Day therapy gives people the opportunity to access the care and support they need while continuing to live at home. Manorlands Hospice's day therapy unit offers its service to patients and carers across North Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.

The day therapy service provides a friendly, supportive environment that enables people to engage with others who are going through similar experiences, participate in a variety of activities, access therapies, and have any medical concerns addressed.

Day therapy also provides a relaxed, safe environment that supports people as they adapt to the changes they are experiencing as their illness progresses. Carers and relatives are also offered support and signposting.

A range of drop-in services available

Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice offers a day therapy drop-in service, one day based in Airedale and one day in Craven. The drop-in service is available for patients and their carers/relatives – no referral is needed and attendance is open ended.

The drop-in service provides peer and social support, and signposting for carers and family members. Carers often come back for bereavement support should they need it.  

The drop-in service is nurse led and staffed by registered nurses, nursing assistants and trained volunteers.  There is access to physiotherapy, complementary therapy and craft activities, and patients also have access to a gym where our rehabilitation team develops exercise plans tailored to meet the individual need of the patient.

"I absolutely love it"

Eddie has been coming to the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice drop-in day care service at the Aire Unit at Airedale General Hospital for about a year and his son Mick comes with him. 

"It took a long time for doctors to find out why I kept on falling," says Eddie. "Eventually I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. With time, I lost my mobility and I had to leave my home and move into a nursing home as I was living by myself.

"I come to the day service every Tuesday and I absolutely love it. I look forward to it every week. My son picks me up and stays with me as he also really enjoys it. It’s a chance to get out and meet other people. 

"Every Tuesday, I join in different activities and it’s nice because you always see the same staff and volunteers. They are more like friends now; there are some patients who have been coming for a while and I've got to know them well.

"I am passionate about crown green bowling as I used to play in a team and one of the patients is also a keen player. We can talk about it for hours!

"I feel very well looked after and I know that if I have any questions or concerns about my health, I can ask staff and they will do everything they can to help. They also offer complementary therapies. I never tried it before, but I really like it and it helps me to relax."

"The atmosphere is great and you feel really welcome," adds Eddie's son Mick. "Tuesday has become a special day for me as well. I join in in the activities. I have learnt to paint, which is incredible. And sometimes I also benefit from the complementary therapy massages. Everyone is so caring and attentive.”

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about our day therapy services and how to access them, please call 01535 642 308.