“It is so reassuring to know that Dad is being properly cared for by people who understand him and his needs.”

At Sue Ryder Cuerden Hall Neurological Care Centre, we make sure people receive the specialist care they need to optimise their health and well-being, maximise their independence and support their emotional and social needs. Tony has Huntington’s disease and has lived at the centre since 2014. Here, his daughter describes how he came to be at Cuerden Hall and the positive impact it has had on his and his family’s lives.

Tony is "completely at home at Cuerden Hall. Everyone knows him well and understands his condition".

Dad’s been living at Sue Ryder Cuerden Hall for four years and he loves it here.

He came from another care home where they couldn’t deal with the Huntington’s very well. It was a standard residential home where they couldn’t give him the care that he needed or keep him stimulated, and he really deteriorated whilst he was there.

One of the things that the disease affects is behaviour, and it got to the point where they wanted to section him as they couldn’t cope. That was a difficult time for us all; we were always worried and it was horrendous never having any peace of mind.

We knew we needed to find somewhere that could give Dad the specialist care that he desperately needed so we looked around a few places, but none of them were right until we found Sue Ryder.

"Sue Ryder are always looking for ways to make things easier or more comfortable for him"

On his first day, Dad was a bit unsettled and disorientated, and he ended up smashing a window. We were worried that he wouldn’t be allowed to stay after that, but staff weren’t fazed at all.

Four years down the line and he is completely at home. Everyone here knows Dad well and understands his condition. They are always looking for ways to make things easier or more comfortable for him – making sure that all his furniture and equipment, such as his wheelchair and bed, are suited to his specific needs.  

"It is like being part a family here at the centre"

Dad moving here has had a huge, positive impact on the rest of the family as well. It is not just Dad who is cared for and looked after – when we visit staff are friendly and there’s plenty of support on offer.

It is really like being part of one big Sue Ryder family here at the centre. Because the atmosphere is warm and open, we feel reassured and happy to ask any questions that we might have.

There’s always lots going on here and Dad likes to get fully involved in the activities that are on offer. He’s even been taken out to watch a football match – as a massive fan of the sport, he absolutely loved that!

"Complete peace of mind" 

It is so reassuring to know that Dad is being properly cared for by people who understand him and his needs. 

Before he lived at Cuerden Hall, we used to worry the whole time, which was awful; very stressful. 

Thanks to Sue Ryder, it is totally different and we have complete peace of mind.