Incredible Memories of Mum

Holli Posnett as a baby with her mother
Holli's mum holding her as a baby.

“It’s really lovely to be able to go to the page and read something new about Mum or reconnect with someone from those days.” Holli Posnett was just 12 when her Mum Christine died of cervical cancer at our Thorpe Hall Hospice. Here, she explains why she set up an Incredible Memories Tribute Fund for her Mum.

I’ve raised money for a few charities over the years since and really enjoyed it. With Mum’s 20th anniversary approaching, I had a strong feeling I wanted to raise money for a really personal cause: a charity that meant something to me. And Thorpe Hall does.

I just remember the Sue Ryder nurses being amazing, looking after me and my two sisters Kayley and Jayde. The team at the hospice cared for all of us so well.

An online scrapbook and fundraising page

I decided to run the Great Eastern Run – my local half marathon – and make that the first of 20 fundraising activities to mark Mum’s 20th anniversary.

Keen to have a focus for my fundraising – and to involve family, friends and others who remembered Mum – I decided set up a free Incredible Memories page. It’s an online fundraising page that works as a scrapbook too, enabling anyone who knew Mum to share photos and memories of her.

It seemed like the perfect way to keep track of my fundraising, share my story and get others involved while being a really lovely tribute to Mum.

I’ve been sharing the link on social media and I’ve had old friends of Mum and school friends of mine get in touch and sponsor me.

“A door to the past”

We think about Mum all the time, but my sisters and I were so young when she died – the Incredible Memories page has given us a door to the past.

Through it, we’ve been in touch with people who knew Mum and who are able to give us a new insight into her. We’re hearing stories about her life and finding out things we never knew.

It’s really lovely to be able to go to the page and read something new about Mum or reconnect with someone from those days. And that just adds to my incentive to fundraise and encourages others to get involved too.

Holli Posnett

Daughter of patient

Holli Posnett
Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice

Holli Posnett has raised an incredible £11,431 for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in memory of her mum, who was cared for there.