Our people

Sue Ryder is an ambitious organisation. And our Executive Leadership Team and our Trustees ensure that we are able to deliver those ambitions and our care to those that need it.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Heidi Travis. She leads the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) who are responsible for the day to day running of Sue Ryder. Their role is to lead the organisation, develop our yearly strategic goals and objectives ensure that Sue Ryder runs efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis and ensure we are compliant with all regulatory bodies. The team reports regularly on the organisation’s progress to the Trustee Council.

  • Heidi Travis - Chief Executive
  • Tracey Taylor-Huckfield - Director of People
  • Helen Organ - Company Secretary and Legal Counsel
  • Sarah Gigg - Director of Nursing
  • David Borrett - Director of Retail, Marketing and Communications
  • Holly Spiers - Director of Hospice and Fundraising
  • Alan Bowers - Director of Finance
  • Pamela Mackenzie - Director of Operations and Development for Scotland

 Our Trustees

Our Trustees are volunteers who give their time to make sure that Sue Ryder is well governed. The board of trustees appoint the Chief Executive, and Heidi reports to them. They ensure that strategic planning and policy development processes are in place, set long-term goals and strategy to achieve those goals. Each of our trustees brings different skills and experiences to the role.