Three Sue Ryder palliative care team members standing arm in arm

We are one organisation, one team

These pages are designed to help get you started now that you've joined Sue Ryder.

Diagram of Sue Ryder's values and behaviours - Connected, Supportive, Impactful
Vision, mission and values
At Sue Ryder we're passionate about giving people the care they need and helping them live the best life they possibly can. Our values and behaviours are designed to help us to work together as effectively as possible.
Heidi Travis, Sue Ryder's Chief Executive Officer
Our people
Sue Ryder is an ambitious organisation. Our Executive Leadership Team and our Trustees ensure that we are able to deliver those ambitions and our care to those that need it.
A smiling Sue Ryder Nurse in the hallway of a hospice
What we do
Sue Ryder provides palliative care and bereavement support.
A Sue Ryder shop volunteer serving a customer buying clothing at the till
How we are funded
Our goal is to reach and connect with new supporters, to inspire new relationships and opportunities and to deepen our bonds with our wonderful existing supporters.
A Sue Ryder shop manager standing behind the till
Benefits and development
At Sue Ryder we understand both your career and home life are important. Investing in development is incredibly significant to us and we are ambassadors of wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion.
Lots of different hands holding hearts together
Wellbeing and mental health
Wellbeing and mental health is a priority at Sue Ryder, both within different teams and across the organisation as part of the 'We are Sue Ryder' culture development programme.
A smiling Sue Ryder Nurse opening a curtain in a hospice room
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Sue Ryder
We are working hard to create a culture where all people feel safe, confident and are valued for the unique contribution they bring to our organisation. At Sue Ryder, we embrace and welcome everyone.
One female Sue Ryder Clinical Nurse Specialist and one male Sue Ryder Nurse smile at the camera, standing next to one another
Let's stay connected
By now you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of Sue Ryder and more importantly, how you’ll be contributing to our palliative care and bereavement support.
A black and white photo of Lady Sue Ryder and another nurse
Our history
How we have supported people in their most difficult moments, since 1954.