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Running training plans and videos

Whether you're training for a 10-mile run or a marathon, our expert running coach Nick Anderson's advice and training plans will get you from start to finish line. Download a training guide, organised by distance, to suit your level of experience or choose a video for tips on a specific topic.

Training for a 10K

A ten-week 10km training schedule for those new to running.

If you're a seasoned runner, this guide will get you 10K ready in just eight weeks.

Training for a 10-mile race

If you're just starting out, this guide will take you from zero to hero in 12 weeks.

Moderately experienced? Try this 12-week schedule.

Training for a half marathon

Follow this three-month training schedule if this is your first half marathon.

A 12-week half marathon training plan for those who are moderately experienced.

Seasoned runner? Done a half marathon before? Download this guide.

Training for a marathon

This 16-week guide is aimed at those taking on their first marathon.

Go from improver to pro with this 16-week training plan.

If you live and breathe running, this schedule will get you marathon ready.

My top tip for future runners is to practise well, don’t overthink it and enjoy the day!

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Video guides: Your training journey

Once you have your schedule down, take a look at our video guides to make sure you’re in the best shape throughout your prep.

Meet Nick, your #TeamIncredible running coach

As a member of Sue Ryder's #TeamIncredible, you have the support of professional running coach Nick Anderson from

RunningWithUs have years of experience advising and coaching runners of all levels, from complete beginner to elite level. And as the coaching editor on their men's running magazines, Nick has a wealth of experience.

He is our Team Incredible go-to guy for advice around training, injuries and preparation! Email him at or tweet him @nickandersonrun using the hashtag #TeamIncredible.

New to running?

Are you new to running? Does the prospect of it fill you with fear? Don't worry - Nick's here with his expert tips on getting started. You'll be race day ready in no time...

How to choose running kit that works for you

Nick  outlines what to take into consideration when you're selecting your running kit - from breathability to comfort.

Why you should always warm up and warm down

Here, Team Incredible Captain Nick gives his professional advice on avoiding injuries, from gradually building up your pace to always stretching afterwards.

Nutrition advice

One of the most common questions Nick gets asked is: "What should I eat before and after a run?" Watch this video to find out how grazing can help you go further and what to eat after a long run to ensure adequate muscle repair.

Tips on running faster

So you're (sort of!) used to running now - but how can you go faster? Nick's here to give you some tips.

How to look after yourself during long-distance runs

Long runs can be tough, and there are times when muscles can start to tighten up. How can you deal with this and make sure you stay fit and keep going? Nick has the answers.

Advice on tapering before the big race

Firstly: what is tapering? And how can you taper your running before the big day? Running coach Nick shares his experience.

What to do on race day

Race day's here - but don't panic! Nick's on hand with what you need to know and how to best prepare.

Team Incredible running coach Nick Anderson

Got a specific question? Nick is at your disposal!

Ask him for advice on training, injuries or race day preparation by email at or get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #TeamIncredible.