Macchu Picchu bathed in sunlight

Trekking training plans and videos

Our #TeamIncredible Trekkers travel far and wide in search of the toughest trails and the finest views. Sue Ryder T-shirts can be spotted abroad or enjoying the scenery of the UK. Whatever takes your fancy, be sure you’re in the best shape possible with our training plans - and get motivated by watching our video.

10K walk training

Dust off your walking boots - you'll be ready in just five weeks if you stick to this schedule.

Overseas trek training

16 weeks to glory! Get used to how long-distance trekking feels as you gradually build up the pace using this guide.

My top tip is to believe in your training!”

#TeamIncredible Member

Get motivated about training with #TeamIncredible Captains Henry and Becka

Team Incredible running coach Nick Anderson

Got a specific question? Nick is at your disposal!

As a member of Sue Ryder's Team Incredible, you have the support of professional Team GB running coach Nick Anderson. Ask him for advice on training, injuries or race day preparation by email at or get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #TeamIncredible.