Your three-step guide to fundraising online

Setting up an online fundraising page is an easy way to collect donations. And by using an online sponsorship site like, you can also personalise your page to make it even more irresistible to potential supporters… before getting on social media to spread the word!

Watch our video with Team Sue Ryder Captains Henry and Becka:

Step 1. Set up your online fundraising page

Why? Because...

  • Creating an online fundraising page through a site like JustGiving is easy to set up and manage, and can be kept up to date on your smartphone as well.
  • People can sponsor you with just a few clicks: they can donate from anywhere, at any time, and it only takes a few minutes to do so securely.
  • By going online, you can reach more people, like all those friends, family and colleagues you don't see every day.
  • Sites like JustGiving will automatically reclaim Gift Aid from UK taxpayer donations, making donations worth up to 25p more for each £1 at no extra cost to your sponsors, which is extra money for your pot!
  • The money you fundraise comes straight to Sue Ryder, meaning you don’t have to spend time collecting the money and sending it in – and we can start putting your donations to good use even sooner.
  • Your fundraising page can help you stay motivated throughout your event organisation or training – seeing all those messages of support and money rolling in is a great mental boost!

Set up your JustGiving page now

Step 2. Personalise your page with compelling content

We’ve gathered some insider tips from our contacts at JustGiving to clue you in on how you can make your fundraising page work as hard as possible.

  • Add photos to bring your page to life and show your progress. Pages including photos can raise up to 23% more!
  • Set a target to inspire you and your supporters to reach it. After all, if you smash through it, you can always set a new one!
  • Tell your story so people can see why you’re doing it and what Sue Ryder means to you, and encourage them to support you.

Step 3. Spread the word on social media!

Social media is a great way to keep people updated. You can share news about your event, fundraising, training, progress and hitting targets or talk about what Sue Ryder means to you – whatever you’re doing, let everyone know.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to push your fundraising further.
  • Share your online fundraising page on social media so it’s super easy for people to donate.
  • Write a blog post for our website so that everyone knows your progress, or set up your own blog.
  • Ask your friends to spread the word by liking and sharing posts, and retweeting updates.

Whatever you do online, don't be shy – make sure you say hi to us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

What are you waiting for?

Set up your JustGiving page now

Doing your own thing?

If you've already got your own place in a challenge event, can't see the event you'd like to do on our website or want to arrange your own fundraiser - please let us know using this form! Then we can roll out the red carpet and give you the full Team Sue Ryder treatment.