Fundraising materials

Here, we have some handy event posters, sponsorship forms and bunting for you to use when promoting your event.

Simply click to download the materials you need for free from the list below.

Sue Ryder sponsorship form

Print this out and keep it on hand so that, whenever a kind friend or colleague agrees to sponsor you, you can whip it out!

Team Sue Ryder marathon sweepstake form

Taking on a marathon? Start a competition among your friends where they place bets on how long it will take you, agree a prize for the winner and whoever guesses the closest wins - while you raise pounds for Sue Ryder.

Fundraiser poster

Doing your own thing? Whether it's a bake sale or a ball, promote your event using this poster.

Challenge events poster

If you're taking on one of our challenge events, encourage everyone you know to sponsor you by sticking this up everywhere and waving it in their faces.

Team Sue Ryder bunting

Festoon your fundraiser with our branded bunting so everyone knows you're doing it for Sue Ryder.

Fundraising thermometer

Let your family, friends and colleagues know how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal with this thermometer.

Doing your own thing?

If you've already got your own place in a challenge event, can't see the event you'd like to do on our website or want to arrange your own fundraiser - please let us know using this form! Then we can roll out the red carpet and give you the full Team Sue Ryder treatment.