Face to Face fundraising FAQs

Information about Sue Ryder's Face to Face fundraising, our latest fundraising locations so that you know where we'll be visiting and frequently asked questions.

Sue Ryder's current fundraising locations

Download our latest fundraising locations to check where our fundraisers are currently canvassing.

Why Face to Face fundraising?

At Sue Ryder, we participate in Door to Door and Venue (also known as Private Site) fundraising.

These methods of Face to Face fundraising are a very cost effective way to generate income and new supporters for Sue Ryder. They provide personal interactions which helps us to gain new long term regular supporters.

Last year we generated £2.5 million through our Friends of Sue Ryder and Lottery campaigns.

Fundraising and Covid-19

Donors who play our Lottery or donate as a Friend of Sue Ryder generate vital income which allows us to provide more care for more people.

We have taken steps to ensure both our team of fundraisers and members of the public are not put at risk.

  • Our Door to Door teams all wear masks (unless they are medically exempt), and will ask home owners if they are self-isolating before engaging further with the supporter and will remain two metres from them at all times. No contact will be required to complete the sign up.
  • Our fundraising agencies follow the guidelines created by the Government and the Fundraising Regulator.  These guidelines have given us strict rules to follow and by doing so have allowed us to commence with our Door to Door and Private Site fundraising.
  • All our Face to Face fundraisers have had in-depth training regarding safety in this current climate.

Get in touch

If you have any other questions about our Face to Face fundraisers, you can contact our Supporter Care team by emailing them below or by calling 0207 554 5985.