“Bereavement is not a holiday”: MPs and public figures show support for bereavement leave

A coalition of MPs, businesses and charities have backed Sue Ryder's campaign for statutory bereavement leave in a powerful new video.

Over 40,000 people have now got behind Sue Ryder’s growing campaign calling for statutory paid bereavement leave for all UK employees grieving the loss of a close relative or partner.

Alongside MPs, businesses, charities and leaders in the field, we are working towards a future where no one has to worry about taking time off work to cope with bereavement.

Leading up to the introduction of the Employment Bill, we asked MPs and people affected why we all deserve the right to bereavement leave. You can watch the hard-hitting response below.

Watch our video

What needs to change

Sue Ryder research found that in the past year, nearly a quarter of all employees experienced a bereavement. The death of someone you love can be devastating. It is vital that employees are supported with appropriate time off at what is already an extremely difficult time.

However, currently in the UK, there is no legal requirement for employers to grant bereavement leave, except for parents who have lost a child under 18 years old. It is otherwise entirely at the employer’s discretion.

The government will announce the new laws they want to introduce during the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday 11th May. We expect the Employment Bill to be included, and campaign supporters are asking their MPs to secure a commitment from the Business Secretary to introduce a legal right to bereavement leave in this bill.

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If you are an employer, we have advice and useful resources for supporting your employees through a bereavement, to provide a more supportive and open working environment during such an emotionally difficult time.

Support our campaign for bereavement leave for all

The more MPs and members of the public that back our call, the more chance we have of changing the law.