Sue Ryder calls for involvement of specialist care providers in Government's latest NHS reforms

As Government plans for legislation to reform the NHS and integration of services are announced, Sue Ryder is calling for closer involvement with specialist care providers so that they can contribute to decision making measures and effectively support those they care for amid the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.  

A Sue Ryder doctor and nurse in PPE, at a patient's bedside

The new Integrated Care Systems across the UK will mean changes throughout the NHS, at a time when the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all levels of the health and social care sectors, especially frontline workers.

Sue Ryder are urging the Government to involve both third sector and specialist care providers in crucial decision making measures from the outset of these reforms, so that the people they support can continue to receive the best possible care and local issues are effectively addressed.

In response, Heidi Travis, Chief Executive of Sue Ryder, the national healthcare charity and provider of palliative, neurological and bereavement care, said:

“The reforms being announced today will result in significant changes for the NHS. Considering the impact that coronavirus continues to have on the nation's health and the health and social care sectors, the government must proceed with caution so as not to overload both leaders and our frontline healthcare workers when they are already close to breaking point.  

“We are seeking commitment from the government that specialist care providers such as Sue Ryder will be involved in the shaping of services within the new Integrated Care Systems across the UK.  All too often, third sector providers are not brought in early enough in the decision making processes within the NHS, which means opportunities to improve the lives of the many people that we support are missed.

“Sue Ryder welcomes the shift to collaboration from competition but all providers must be able to contribute, not simply NHS providers. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of bringing all relevant parties together so decisions can be made quickly to support local issues.”

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