New report finds 200,000 people could die because of healthcare delays and economic effects of coronavirus lockdown

A new report from the Department of Health and Social Care, Office for National Statistics, Government Actuary's Department and the Home Office has found that 200,000 people could die because of delays in healthcare and the devastating economic effects of the coronavirus lockdown.

Our research found that over half of the public (53%) would want to receive end of life care at home and 23% would choose a hospice setting. Even in their last few days, only 3% of the public would want to receive end of life care in a hospital.

Sue Ryder runs hospices and Hospice at Home services across England. The charity is concerned that without a sustainable funding model for hospices, the predicted increase in need could quickly become overwhelming for the palliative care sector as a whole.

As a charity, we are constantly scanning the horizon to ensure we adapt and modernise our services in line with the nation’s attitude to their health and end of life plans. 

Sarah Gigg, Director of Nursing at Sue Ryder, said: 

“It’s vital that as a charity providing vital end of life care, we prepare for the possible long-term effects that Coronavirus has caused, including an increase in the demand for palliative care.

“Sue Ryder research has identified that over three quarters of people now want to receive end of life care in either a hospice or at home and so it is clear that we should expect an increase in the numbers of patients needing our care.

“To ensure Sue Ryder and the entire palliative care sector can continue to be there for people at the end of their lives, the Government must start planning now for how they can increase long-term statutory funding and relieve the pressures facing palliative care services across the country.”

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