New Celebrating a Life online service launched

Group of family and friends having a meal

Sue Ryder has launched a new online platform called Celebrating a Life, designed to make it easier for people to organise an event to celebrate the memory and life of a loved one. 

As a nation we are not good at coping with death but it’s an inevitable part of life. In England and Wales alone there are on average 10,000 deaths registered a week.

As experts in bereavement and information gathered from the Sue Ryder Online Community and Support, we know that people visiting our site have said that it helps them feel less alone (84%) and nearly 90% have told us that it gives them an outlet for their emotions.

Celebrating a life is an important part of the bereavement process and that’s what inspired us to launch the new online platform. We know that arranging an event in someone’s memory is a good way to get much needed emotional and social support. So, based on this feedback and along with our knowledge of the bereavement process, we developed Celebrating a Life.

Plan an event in memory of a loved one

The idea is to help inspire individuals or groups to plan an event in memory of someone, to celebrate their life while also raising money for Sue Ryder.

“After losing a loved one, socialising may be the last thing on a bereaved person’s mind; however, the support that can be gained from family, friends, and the community during a memorial service may offer a bereaved individual much needed emotional and social support," said Lizzie Procter, Hospice Director at Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice. “It can be emotionally and psychologically beneficial, providing the surviving family members and friends with an opportunity to share memories with one another and to celebrate their life.”

“We have put a lot of effort into the new site as we wanted to make sure we got the look, feel and functionality right," said Senior Events Manager James Wright. “We wanted to offer something that will really inspire them to celebrate people they have lost, and create an event that focuses on positive memories and doing something that person would have enjoyed.

“At Sue Ryder we are incredibly lucky to have so many supporters who want to create an event in memory of someone, and raise money for our hospice and neurological care. But this is also aimed at new audiences and people outside our traditional supporter base.”

How the service works

This new online platform allows the organiser to upload all the details, name, date, venue etc. and even personal items like images. The site will then create an event page for them with all the details.

They can then share the link with people or choose to email people, all via the simple system.

When people visit the page they will click ‘Yes I will attend’ or ‘No I can’t attend’.When a guest RSVPs, they are asked if they want to make a donation. T

he event organisers will be able to log in to the site and see who has RSVP’d and how much they have raised so far.

The new Sue Ryder Celebrating a Life site launched this month (Wednesday 20th June) and it’s completely free to use. People just need to visit to register.