Joint letter to British Retail Consortium to ask for hospice staff to access key worker hours in supermarkets

Together with Hospice UK, Marie Curie and Together for Short Lives, Sue Ryder has written to the British Retail Consortium to ask for their help in making sure hospice staff can access supermarkets alongside their NHS counterparts during key worker hours.

Image of Hospice Uk, Marie Curie, Sue Ryder and Together for Short Lives logos

Dear Helen Dickinson MBE, 

As you know, across the UK health and care professionals are struggling to buy food and other necessities due to widespread stockpiling and panic-buying of food supplies arising from the fear and uncertainty around Covid-19. 

Your supermarket members have responded positively by introducing measures that allow easier access to food and essentials for NHS staff and for older people. We are writing to ask the same be done for all health and social care professionals, including those working in our hospices. 

These staff are designated as ‘key workers’ by the government and are vital to not only providing ongoing care and support, but also to the nation’s response to Covid- 19. They are doing essential work to reduce the pressure on hospital beds and so we must look after their health and wellbeing to ensure they can continue in their role in this emergency situation. 

We do hope that the supermarkets now take action to ensure that these key workers are allowed easier access in line with their counterparts in the NHS. Please note these staff do not have a form of NHS ID they can use. 

In these unprecedented times, we join your members’ call for the public to be considerate when shopping, and ask that we support each other in our response to this pandemic. 

Yours sincerely, 

Tracey Bleakley, CEO, Hospice UK
Matthew Reed, CEO, Marie Curie
Heidi Travis, CEO, Sue Ryder
Andrew Fletcher, CEO, Together for Short Lives