Advanced response

We have recently been affected by a cyber-attack affecting UK company, Advanced, which provides and runs multiple healthcare systems and software for the NHS including the 111 service.

The provider of these systems, Advanced, also provides the Caresys system that is used at Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centres for the purpose of maintaining care records. 

The cyber attack has now been fully investigated by Advanced and they have informed us that information of some of Sue Ryder clients held on the system has been accessed.  

We understand that this news may be concerning and we would like to apologise on behalf of Advanced, for the impact this has had on you. 

We ask that you remain alert for any suspicious communications that could be linked to this incident. If you do receive any communications that you feel unsure of please do get in touch with us on the email address below. 

Sue Ryder has informed the Information Commissioner’s Office in regard to this breach.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact