The benefits of working for Sue Ryder

If you’re interested in joining our team to be there when it matters, you might want to know more about the benefits we offer.

A nurse in a light blue Sue Ryder uniform smiles at a female patient sat up in a bed.

Start your career in palliative care

At Sue Ryder, we have many different palliative care roles. We're always looking for Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to help us provide expert, compassionate care when it matters most, helping people through the toughest times of their lives.

A smiling Sue Ryder Nurse near a sunny window
More about working in palliative care
If you're new to palliative care, here are the top five most frequently asked questions from people joining our expert and compassionate palliative care teams, and more about the support you can expect from Sue Ryder.
Four healthcare professionals are stood together smiling at the camera. They are a diverse group and each has a different Sue Ryder uniform on demonstrating their role.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
How we are supporting our staff and volunteers from underrepresented and marginalised groups to thrive as valued members of our team.