Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice

Please contact the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice reception team on 0113 278 7249 to find out the latest visiting guidance. You may also find it useful to read our 'Guidance before visiting a Sue Ryder hospice or neurological centre' page.

About our services

Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice supports people through the most difficult times of their lives. Our doctors, Sue Ryder Nurses, and carers offer you the compassionate, expert care you need to help you live the best life you possibly can.

Day Therapy Services

This work has now transferred to being provided virtually by hospice staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Our Day Services support people to be cared for at home for as long as possible, and give you access to necessary services and expert care as you need it. We provide practical care such as symptom assessment, medication review and management, and emotional support. 

It’s important to avoid getting isolated when you’re living with a life-limiting condition. By providing Day Services we also aim to give carers a break too. You can visit us as often as you need to. 

Clinical nurse specialists coordinate the Day Services groups, supported by our expert care teams. We offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy, access to our social worker, advice, Family Support and complementary therapy teams.

Family and bereavement support

We provide a support service for any of our patients, and any of your family members who need someone to talk to. We’ll help you deal with situations or feelings that can be hard to cope with alone, like worries about the future, or grief and loss.

We can see people on a one-to-one basis or with other family members. We offer a comprehensive adult bereavement service that includes one-to-one counselling and group support.

You are also welcome to drop in to our Bereavement Support Group which meets on the last Friday of the month.

Sue Ryder also has an Online Bereavement Community where you can find support, get things off your chest and chat to others who understand.

New Horizons Cafe

The New Horizons Café provides support for people aged 50 and under, who have children, and have lost a partner. You’re welcome to bring your children when you come to New Horizons if you wish.

We understand that grieving is a painful experience, and everyone reacts to it in different ways. This service aims to help and support people to make sense of the changes happening in their lives as well as providing a space to talk openly about the daily struggles and adjustments in becoming a single parent.


Our volunteer Befrienders provide emotional support to patients and families. They talk and listen, or simply sit beside someone. They can visit if you’re feeling lonely, or keep you company while your carer takes a short break. 

Befrienders also help you to get out of the house, as your companion, on short trips  to the shops or the cinema.

Spiritual care

When someone is experiencing fear and anxiety, spiritual support can be a huge comfort. Regardless of faith or belief, our Spiritual Care team is here to bring peace of mind to you, your family and your carers. We can help with any religious needs you have, or if we can't help, we'll connect you with the appropriate people.

Inpatient unit

We have an inpatient unit at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice in Headingley, Leeds.

Our highly skilled medical and nursing staff provide round-the-clock assessment and specialist care to help relieve the physical effects of life-limiting conditions such as pain, breathlessness and nausea. Our Family Support and Spiritual Care teams are on hand to offer emotional support, not only for our patients, but for their family, friends and carers too.

Please contact the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice reception team on 0113 278 7249 to find out the latest visiting guidance. You may also find it useful to read our 'Guidance before visiting a Sue Ryder hospice or neurological centre' page.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy, provided by our expert therapists, are a vital part of the personalised care we offer. Working across all areas of the hospice and out in the community, the therapists provide treatment, advice and techniques to help maintain and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. We are guided by your personal goals and priorities.

Complementary therapy

Our complementary therapy service offers relaxing treatments including reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture and Reiki. We treat day hospice patients, inpatients, outpatients and carers.

Complementary therapies can help to reduce stress, anxiety and agitation, as well as aiding sleep and relieving aches and pains.

Therapy teams

Our therapy teams support you to build or maintain strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things depending on your personal goals and interests. We help you to live your life as fully as possible.

Our physiotherapists, occupational therapists and diversional therapists coordinate to create the right package of care for your needs. These experts liaise with other community services, working hard to enable you to stay in the place you choose.

If necessary, the team assesses your home to make adaptations to it, ensuring you feel safe and secure there.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic some of this work is being carried out with patients virtually.

The Wheatfields Hospice Community Team

You may require specialist advice and support at times through your illness, but choose to stay at home.

The Wheatfields Hospice Community Team offers specialist advice and support to patients and families/carers in their own homes and in our out-patient clinics. They’ll discuss issues that may be having an impact on your life, whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual or social, a good knowledge of what may help, including medication which may help to ease symptoms such as pain, nausea or breathlessness.

There is also an opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and get information to support you to make choices such as planning for the future

The community team work closely with the Hospice doctors and may arrange for you to see one of them in out-patients or at home

Interested in education and training?

Wheatfields Education Team provides high quality education and training for our own staff and volunteers, and for external colleagues in the wider community.

A female Sue Ryder Nurse pictured looking at another nurse in uniform

Our Sue Ryder Nurses

Our nurses are privileged to care for people at the most difficult time of their lives.