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St John's Hospice

Sue Ryder St John's Hospice is in Moggerhanger in Bedfordshire, and we provide expert care for life-limiting conditions. We’re here to help you and your loved ones, with everything from pain and symptom management to emotional and practical help.

Hospice care is what we call the treatment and support we offer to people with life-limiting conditions. We combine specialist medical care for managing pain and other symptoms, with other emotional, practical and spiritual support. You might stay with us to receive inpatient care for a short time, or for a longer time. We can offer the same expertise and advice to you as a visitor, by using our Day Services, if you are comfortable and supported at home and prefer to stay there. We may also be able to visit you in your own home.

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Photo of Sue Ryder St John's Hospice in Bedfordshire
Image of St John's Hospice Day services

At St John’s Hospice, our expert team offers many services to help you and your family. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational and complementary therapists, nursing assistants, social workers and bereavement support workers all work seamlessly together. We are experts in supporting people through the most difficult times of their lives.

Our inpatient hospice gives you the comfort of round-the-clock assessment and specialist care. We help with managing pain and other symptoms, in a comforting, warm environment.  

Our highest levels of care and specialist facilities are also open to you through our Day Services. When you spend some time with us, you can also meet other people who understand what you’re going through. While you’re being well cared for, your loved ones can have a break.

If you’d like us to come to you, our Sue Ryder Nurses run community services too. We bring the same care and range of services right to you at home. 

Whether you’re dealing with a terminal illness or the loss of a loved one, we’re here to help when it matters. 

Our services include:

  • Inpatient care
  • Day Services
  • Community services, St John’s Palliative Care Hub
  • Family and bereavement support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Complementary therapies
  • Spiritual care

Learn more about our services at St John's Hospice.

Michelle Jones

Michelle shares her experience of St John's Palliative Care Hub

"When my Mum was told her cancer had come back, the Palliative Care Hub worked really well in terms of coordinating between the different services. Sometimes it's scary if someone is really unwell because trying to get hold of their GP is virtually impossible. With the Hub, I felt like I wasn’t on my own."

When my wife Gail was battling bowel cancer, in the latter days of her life it was suggested that she spend some time in the care of St John’s Hospice. She did and they treated her so well that she became calm and relaxed, and more able to face her future. Of course, myself and my family realised how hard the Sue Ryder Nurses work to achieve this.

Fred - his wife Gail was cared for at St John’s Hospice

Frequently asked questions

How can I be referred/make a referral?

We treat adults aged 18 and over, living in north and mid Bedfordshire, or the Huntingdon and St Neots area of Cambridgeshire.

Referrals for both inpatient or outpatient care are made by health care professionals involved in your care. This type of referral gives us a comprehensive picture of the medical background of each patient, and what treatments have been tried prior to admission.

Download a referral form

How much does it cost to use the services at St John’s Hospice?

The expert care we provide is free of charge to patients. The service is part funded by the NHS, but most of our running costs (about £500 per patient per day) are raised through fundraising.

What should inpatients bring with them?

When you’re admitted to St John’s for palliative care, we would recommend that you bring:

  • A variety of comfortable, loose-fitting day and night clothes
  • Shoes and slippers – slip-on if possible
  • Personal toiletries and towels
  • Personal electrical equipment such as laptops, tablets, iPods and phones
  • Current medication – in its original packaging if possible
  • Community medical paperwork - this could include district nurse notes, a Preferred Priorities of Care document and Advance Directives
  • Ear plugs and/or an eye mask for when you wish to rest
  • Favourite pictures, photos or albums – we encourage you to personalise your space at the hospice


What is the food like?

We have an in-house catering team that prepare and cook three meals a day. We have an extensive menu with the aim of encouraging you to eat well. We will always do our best to cater to your individual taste. Our staff will also prepare light meals and snacks for you outside of regular meal times. 

Tea and coffee making facilities are available to visitors in the upstairs servery, or downstairs in the coffee bar next to the conservatory. There is also a selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks available at reception. Visitors can order and pay for hot food at Reception.

What are the visiting times?

There are no restrictions on the number of visitors, or on visiting times. The only request we have is that visitors are considerate of the needs of the patient, and the other people using St John’s.

Visitors may stay overnight, following a discussion with the nurse in charge. The hospice has a selection of folding beds for visitors to use, which can be placed in patient bedrooms. There are also shower and toilet facilities for visitors.

The hospice cannot accommodate large numbers of visitors staying overnight, but if you ask at Reception we can recommend some local places to stay.

Is there parking, and is it free?

We have a car park, as well as several spaces near the entrance for disabled parking. This is provided free of charge.

The car park sometimes becomes quite congested during busy periods, so please try to car share where possible.

Can pets and children visit the hospice?

Your children are always welcome. We ask that they are supervised by an appropriate adult when they’re here. 

Please discuss with the nurse in charge if you have a pet at home you would like to see, we value pets as part of the family.

Is there WiFi?

Yes, please ask a member of staff for the WiFi name and the password.

How can I raise money for Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice?

If you would like to support us by fundraising, volunteering or simply by sharing your story about your experiences at St John’s, contact us on 01767 642 410 and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our brilliant fundraisers keep us going, by providing vital funds which enable us to help as many people as possible, and by spreading the word about Sue Ryder Nurses and the work we do, so more people know about us and how we can help.