Right to Rehab

We are a coalition of 24 charities, trade unions and professional bodies coming together to call on all political parties to ensure there is equal access to high-quality community rehabilitation services for all.

Community Rehabilitation: Live Well for Longer

In our joint report, Community Rehabilitation: Live Well for Longer, we warn that failing to provide these services can have devastating consequences for people’s lives, and bring greater costs for the NHS and social care systems. We are calling for universal access for high quality, person-centred community rehabilitation services.

Elizabeth’s story shows the devastating consequences of not having community rehabilitation services. After suffering a debilitating stroke aged 46, she lost her career and her mental health suffered severely. Experience her story through our 360° film below.

Elizabeth’s story

What politicians can do to help

  1. Ask your political party to commit to high quality, accessible community rehabilitation for all
  2. Use the parliamentary debate on the NHS accountability framework (due in Spring 2020) to mandate delivery of universal community rehabilitation
  3. Use parliamentary scrutiny of anticipated changes to the NHS constitution to make people’s existing rights to community rehabilitation explicit
  4. Visit a community rehabilitation service in your constituency to see its impact first hand
  5. Ask questions of your local Clinical Commissioning Group or Health and Wellbeing Board about their plans to improve access to high quality community rehabilitation services. 

For more information, please email righttorehab@csp.org.uk

24 charities, trade unions and professional bodies