Online Bereavement Support

Sue Ryder's Online Bereavement Support makes it easy to connect with the right support for you - whether that's information and resources, qualified counsellorsĀ or a community of others with similar experiences. These services areĀ free and easy to access on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Nilesh's story | Sue Ryder's Online Bereavement Community

Nilesh describes the painful grief after the death of his parents and the support he found through Sue Ryder's Online Community, where he could share his experiences and feelings with others.

Elaine's story | Sue Ryder's Online Bereavement Counselling

Elaine talks about losing her beloved dad, Bob, and how Sue Ryder's Online Bereavement Counselling service gave her a space to talk openly about her grief, from the comfort of home.

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We urgently need your support

To support a nation that's grieving, Sue Ryder urgently needs your help to increase the capacity of our Online Bereavement Counselling Service.