Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Dee View Court

Please contact the Dee View Court reception team on 01224 245 920 to find out the latest visiting guidance. You may find it useful to read our 'Guidance on visiting other Sue Ryder hospices or neurological centres' page.

Our services

Dee View Court provides specialist care to support people with neurological conditions to optimise their health and wellbeing, maximise their independence, and support their social and emotional needs.

There is a huge range of support on offer, including long-term residential care, rehabilitative services to help people to improve or regain their abilities, and day services to enable people to remain independent at home.

Our services

Residential services

Our expert teams provide ongoing care for people with both complex neurological conditions and support people through rehabilitation and end of life care.

We work with each individual to ensure that care is tailored to their specific needs. Activities are specifically designed to reflect and encourage people’s interests and skills, and we will do whatever we can to enable people to live a full and satisfying life; whether it’s an outing to the shops or someone to read to them, we do all we can to make it happen.


Access to specialist and appropriate therapy is essential for people with neurological conditions

Our teams of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists are a vital part of the personalised care we provide.

Supporting people to maintain or build strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things depending on their own goals and ambitions.

Supported living

Our supported living services enable people to live as independently as possible in a home that has been purpose-built or specifically adapted to their needs with a team of professional carers on hand.

Each person holds their own tenancy and has full control over the type and level of care they receive from us, from 24/7 support to less intensive care.

As well as providing a comfortable place to live and socialise with other residents, there is plenty of entertaining space for when friends and family come to visit.

5Rs programme

Our 5Rs programme is a free ten-week course providing information and support for adults with multiple sclerosis and recovering from stroke in the local Aberdeen community.

Over ten weeks, a group of ten people can benefit from a person-centred programme that is designed to give them practical help and assistance and meet their specific needs.

Each week different activities are offered based around five basic principles: relax, rebuild, re-energise, reintegrate and regenerate. The programme is run by a trained facilitator and two assistants.

What we offer

Each week, different activities are offered based around five basic principles:

  1. Relax – We offer therapies and the opportunity to socialise with other people living with your condition in a small, informal group.

  2. Rebuild – The programme is structured to help you build your confidence and discover new skills and abilities.

  3. Re-energise – Our range of activities and therapies aim to boost your energy levels and motivation.

  4. Reintegrate – Attending the 5Rs gives you the chance to make new friends and raise the group's awareness of opportunities to become more involved in the community, work and leisure.

  5. Regenerate – The course is not just about physical needs; we also aim to help you feel emotionally and spiritually renewed.

Benefits of the 5Rs

  • Peer support and learning: share information, concerns, positive experiences and ways of managing your neurological condition. Try out a range of therapies or new activities.
  • Meet new people in a friendly, informal and supportive setting.
  • Access professional staff for information, care and support.
  • Access information about a range of other services that are available.

Examples of the therapies we offer are: reflexology, aromatherapy, art and music therapies, gentle exercise and yoga.

Get more information about 5Rs

The programme runs on Tuesdays from 10am to 3pm over a period of 10 weeks at Sue Ryder Dee View Court.

If you would like to join the next course or have further questions, please get in touch by email or call 01224 245 920 to ask for the 5Rs facilitator.

Self-Management Service

Dee View Court operates a free Self-Management Service for people with neurological conditions who live in their own homes in the city of Aberdeen.

The service is led by a clinical nurse specialist and a team of support workers.

We understand that self-management means people are better informed about their condition, better prepared for everyday challenges and better supported when they need to be.

* As funding for this has now come to an end, Sue Ryder will no longer be able to effectively run this service as of March 2020. *

Pamela MacKenzie, Sue Ryder Executive Director for Neurological Services, said:

"The Sue Ryder Self Management Service has been funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to provide support to people with neurological conditions in Aberdeen city since 2016.  

"This funding has now come to an end and Sue Ryder will no longer be able to effectively run this service as of March 2020.    

"Sue Ryder will continue to actively seek out other means of funding available and hope that in the future we can continue to offer a program of support that allows people to gain independence and build the confidence to manage their condition at home."

Download our Duty of Candour Report

Dee View Care Assistant Tanya Robertson

Tanya Robertson works at Dee View Court as a Care Assistant

"Working here is not ‘just another care job’; it’s so much more than that. I just love how the care is delivered here: it is so person centred. Watching the other Sue Ryder Nurses at work has encouraged me to want to go as far as possible with my training."

Image of a Sue Ryder male Healthcare Assistant with a neurological resident at The Chantry

Our Sue Ryder Nurses

Our nurses are privileged to care for people at the most difficult time of their lives.