Sue Ryder Nurses

Sue Ryder Nurses are privileged to be there to give care and support for people and their families at the most difficult time of their lives.

A patient is sat up in bed, holding hands with a family member who is sat next to the bed. In the foreground is the profile of a nurse, who is talking to the couple.

All our nurses are trained and experienced in providing the specialist care that people with life-limiting illnesses need.

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Join our team and help us to provide expert care through our palliative and end-of-life care services

Working as part of an expert team, they listen to what is important to each person and their family; they provide the expert, personalised care that people need; and they coordinate with other health professionals and services to ensure people get the right care and support at the right time.

Whether they are supporting people in one of our hospices, or providing palliative care in someone’s home, our nurses focus on giving people the best quality of life possible.

Sue Ryder Nurses aim to provide care that is always:

  • Holistic: Personalising people’s care so that their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are met.
  • Inclusive: Involving and supporting the family and friends of the people we care for.
  • Empowering: Giving people and their families choice and control over their care.
  • Expert: Underpinned by developing, practising and sharing excellent clinical standards.
  • Enduring: There for as long as people need us.
  • Aspiring: Always striving to go the extra mile and do the best for each person we care for.
  • Responsive: Using people’s feedback to improve what we do.

Inpatient palliative nursing

Sue Ryder’s inpatient palliative care nurses are there to provide specialist care and support to people with life-limiting conditions such as cancer or other long-term conditions like heart disease, who need the expert care that our hospices provide.

All our nurses are trained and experienced in managing complex symptoms such as pain, vomiting and breathlessness. They work in partnership with our wider healthcare team to provide the physical and emotional support people and their families need.

Whether people are in our hospices for a short stay before going home, or because they are at the very end of their lives, our nurses go the extra mile to listen to what's important to people and provide the wrap-around care each person needs to enjoy the best quality of life they can.

Community palliative nursing

Sue Ryder’s community palliative care nurses are there to provide specialist care and support to people in their own homes who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness such as cancer, heart disease or a lung condition.

All our nurses have specialist knowledge and experience in palliative care and are expert in managing complex symptoms. They also go the extra mile to support people and their families with the practical and emotional challenges they may face.

Working in partnership with the NHS, our expert nurses take time to ensure that people are listened to and supported, that their health and wider needs are met, and that they feel safe and in control.

Homecare nursing

Sue Ryder’s community care assistants are privileged to provide care and support in people's homes to people living with conditions such as stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis, as well as people who need support at the end of their lives.

All our community care assistants are trained and up-skilled in providing the support people need to help them maintain and enhance their independence. Working closely with health services, they are part of a mix of support that ensures everyone gets the care they need when they need it.

We know every person we work with is unique, and our care assistants go the extra mile to understand the outcomes that are important to people and their families, so they can give each person the individual care and support they need to live their life to the fullest.

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Become a Sue Ryder Nurse
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