Grief Kind podcast with Lottie Tomlinson

For episode two of our second Grief Kind podcast series, Clover Stroud is joined by fellow Sue Ryder Ambassador Lottie Tomlinson, who talks about her personal experience of grief and how being kind to yourself after a bereavement can help you through even the darkest days.

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“You have to figure out what makes you happy and helps you in those dark times”

Lottie says:

“Grief will come and go as different emotions every day. It’s hard enough dealing with grief itself let alone when you’re beating yourself up for it. It’s so important to look after yourself, whether that’s self-care or going for a long walk. It sounds simple, but you have to figure out what makes you happy and helps you in those dark times. 

“The best bit of advice I can give to someone who is grieving is to be kind to themselves. When my mum died, I was very shocked by the level of guilt I felt, particularly in those moments when I had a good day. As the years have passed and I’ve learned to deal with grief better, I’ve realised that allowing yourself to feel happy is really important and you need to celebrate those moments.”

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We hope that our Grief Kind podcasts inspire you to feel confident when supporting a loved one through grief. 

Knowing what to say and do for those close to you can be incredibly hard during such a difficult time, but we're here to provide the support you need to be there for your friends and family when they are bereaved.

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