Grief Kind podcast with Pearl Lowe

The third episode of our Grief Kind podcast features fashion and textiles designer Pearl Lowe, who talks with host Clover Stroud about her struggles with grief after her dad, Eddie, died of a heart attack. Pearl discusses the emptiness she felt after losing her dad, working her way through grief and why it's so important to keep on being there for someone who is grieving.

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Nothing can prepare you for grief, especially when someone is such a big part of your life

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Pearl delves into her personal experience of grief after her dad Eddie died suddenly of a heart attack, shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Along with memories of her father - from encounters with Dame Barbara Windsor to his days as a mascot for The Krays - Pearl discusses the huge void Eddie left behind and how she navigated grief with the support of her husband, Supergrass drummer, Danny Goffey.

Pearl recalls the numbness which followed Eddie’s sudden death, and why, when grieving all she really wanted was for people to “bother” her.

Pearl says: "My main advice is to keep checking that someone is okay, even months later. Don't leave them alone. Just turn up, bake them a cake, take around a bunch of flowers - those little things mean so much, just to know that you're there."

Grief Kind podcast

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