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In the first instalment of our new Grief Kind podcast, Clover Stroud speaks to BAFTA-winning actress and television presenter Lisa Riley about her mum, Cath, who died in Lisa’s arms from pancreatic cancer. Lisa talks about her personal experience of bereavement and what has helped most through her struggles with grief.

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Her love for life, her smile, I promised her in her last week of life, ‘If there's one part of your legacy I'm taking, it's your smile’

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About Lisa's podcast

Amongst anecdotes of lemon curd and Strictly Come Dancing, Lisa reveals how she coped with the death of her mum – who she describes as “the oxygen of the room” - but still misses her daily.

When it comes to grief, Lisa questions whether time is a healer and shares her insight into the best thing a friend can do to help a loved one through a bereavement.

Lisa says: “I've spent years trying to raise awareness of the impact of grief because it is something that almost all of us will be affected by at some point.

“When my mum died, I didn't want to do anything or see anyone. I still sometimes feel ‘Am I supposed to be over it? I feel as if I'm being judged because of grief. Fundamentally, it doesn't go away, you learn to live with it and people around you need to understand that.”

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