Breaking the Cycle: A Second Chance

It's not just our health and social care services that support communities.

Since 2006 we have been supporting the rehabilitation of currently serving offenders by offering volunteering placements in our shops and central offices. We work with offenders from over 45 open and closed UK prisons, all of whom are reaching the end of their custodial sentence and are being released on temporary licence to help them in the process of rehabilitation and resettlement.

Many of our PVP volunteers have said the programme played a key role in helping them develop the experience, communication skills and references needed to secure a job after their release. With 94% of all our prison volunteers saying they been offered formal job specific training opportunities. The scheme has also been praised by the prisons we work with, recognising the long-term impact the scheme has on prisoners lives following their release.

“We have continued to work with Sue Ryder over the last 12 months with our prisoners from Britannia House. This scheme works extremely well within our resettlement regime, it helps towards the future release of our prisoners and ensures that they become part of the local community. Sue Ryder is an integral part of our resettlement regime offering work experience, training and employment opportunities in the retail sector.”

Will Styles, Governor, HMP Norwich

Is there a risk?

Prisoners accepted on our scheme are considered to be the lowest risk within the prison system and have worked hard to improve their life choices. All the prisoners are fully risk assessed before being released on temporary licence.


Why we run PVP