Training evaluation

Feedback to date on the What Matters to Me programme has been excellent. We have received overwhelmingly positive comments about the content, delivery and format of the course.

Improving knowledge and confidence

A high proportion of people to date have rated their knowledge of human rights and confidence to use it in the workplace far higher following the training:


  • 92% of people rated their knowledge and understanding of human rights higher post course.
  • 98% of people rated their knowledge about the relationship between human rights and national end of life care strategy and policy higher post course.
  • 100% of people rated their knowledge of the UK Human Rights Act higher post course.


  • 93% of people rated their confidence in explaining human rights to service users higher post course.
  • 98% of people rated their confidence in using human rights as a way to enable shared decision-making at end of life care higher post course.

I wish I had this training years ago. It has made me more aware of the links between legislation and has given me more confidence to challenge poor practice that doesn't take human rights into account.


Attendees were asked whether the training had enabled them to meet the following outcomes.

  1. Balance risk in decision-making – 79% said yes.
  2. Deliver better-person centred care – 74% said yes.
  3. Improve the way that service users, their families and carers are involved in decision-making – 76% said yes.
  4. Resolve conflicts between the needs of different service users – 64% said yes.