Service user participation strategy

The service user participation strategy outlines our commitment to ensuring service user participation is embedded throughout our care services. It sets out our objectives, plan and measures for the participation of service users across Sue Ryder.

A female patient is sitting up in bed with a family member and a doctor in blue scrubs sitting beside. The family member has her arm round the patient and the doctor is talking.

At the heart of what we do

The people we support are at the heart of what we do as an organisation, those with life-limiting conditions, those important to them and those who are bereaved.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone who accesses Sue Ryder services is listened and responded to, so that they receive high quality, personalised care. Sue Ryder’s five year strategy, 2018–2023, strives to deliver more care to more people, and involvement of service users is key to our success.

Service users have a unique contribution to make as they are experts by experience in addition to any other skills, qualities or knowledge they have. Their voices, experience and support, shape and direct our activity across health and social care: this is evident in our approach to quality improvement and in our influencing and policy work.

We also recognise the need to expand our service user participation to other activities, such as recruitment, service planning and delivery, and assuring the quality of our services.

Our Service user participation strategy

Our Service user participation strategy outlines our commitment to ensuring service user participation is at the core of the expert care we provide.

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A patient is sat up in bed, holding hands with a family member who is sat next to the bed. In the foreground is the profile of a nurse, who is talking to the couple.
Sue Ryder Nurses
Sue Ryder Nurses are privileged to be there to give care and support for people and their families at the most difficult time of their lives.