How our Online Community is supporting people when they need it most

We know how isolating grief can be. We know how it can become overwhelming in the small hours of the morning or when you’re walking your dog. We know that it’s changeable and unpredictable and that sometimes people don’t know what to say. For all of those moments, and more besides, the Online Community is a welcoming place to turn.

A person at home, accessing the Online Community on an ipad

Our Online Community is a safe and supportive space for people who have been bereaved or are supporting a loved one at the end of life. Each month over 13,000 people visit the community, seeking support from others who understand what they’re going through.

Many of those 13,000 people exchange messages and build connections based on a shared experience of loss. Others simply read the conversations and find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone and that what they’re experiencing is normal.

We recently spoke to three of our Community members about grief and how the Community was there to support them when they needed it the most. Here are their stories:

Wynne's story

"When something like this happens you have to wear this mask, saying ‘I’m alright, everything is fine’. Going online I felt I could be completely me."

Barry's story

"If you can talk constructively about something, even if it’s a loss, it’s a first step to recovery."

Debbie's story

"Grief is very isolating, so this gives you a community of people and it puts your loss into perspective."


Priscilla McClay

Online Community Manager

Priscilla McClay