Helping you get the end of life care that is right for you

Person-centred care is a fundamental part of what we do at Sue Ryder. When it comes our end of life care, our focus is on working with every person to make sure they can spend the time they have left in the way they choose. This means understanding people’s particular needs, what matters to them and how they want to be cared for.

Because we believe that good end of life care is person-centred, we warmly welcome the new campaign ‘Know About Me’. This campaign is encouraging people across the country to get their GP to record their preferences for their end of life care using the best available electronic system in their area.

The information people might want to record could include things like where they want to die, what treatments they wouldn't want to receive and what beliefs they have that are important to their end of life care.

You can find out more about this campaign and how to record your preferences for end of life care on the Dying Matters website.

Why is recording these preferences important?

This is a really important thing to do because recording this information electronically means that whichever part of the health system you come into contact with, they should be able to see your preferences and what matters to you.

This means you can avoid having to repeat yourself over and over again and it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your preferences and needs are already ‘in the system’ in advance.

Why we support 'Know About Me'

This campaign is aimed at people all across the country, and while Sue Ryder’s hospices are only located in particular areas, we support this campaign because we believe it is really important for everyone to be able to say what is important for them in their end of life care no matter where they live.

More advice on recording your end of life care preferences

Duncan Lugton

Policy and Public Affairs Manager (England)

Duncan Lugton