Hospice Care Week: stories from across Sue Ryder

09 Oct 2022

To mark the start of this year’s #HospiceCareWeek, we decided to ask some of our patients’ friends and family members about their experiences of our care. Here’s what they said.

From sharing a smile...

“During Dom’s illness, we were supported by the community team at the hospice, which meant that he was able to spend the last four weeks of his life at home with his family.

“Covid made things very difficult but our Sue Ryder Nurse came to see us quite early on and she was always there when I needed her, even if it was just a quick phone call to see how we were doing and check whether we needed any help. She could always make us both giggle too, which I think we needed.”

... and showing compassion...

“I had heard of Sue Ryder before, but with Kath being very poorly and spending time there I discovered just what an amazing place it is, with around-the-clock care provided by amazing people.

“The teams there were as supportive to Kath’s family and friends as they were to Kath. Nothing was too much trouble and it was an absolute blessing in the unfortunate circumstances that we were in to be there. Kath was in a little sanctuary.”

... to talking through expert advice...

“We are incredibly grateful to the team at Sue Ryder, who have provided the most exceptional palliative care for mum and wider family support to us. Their team are always on hand to support us as mum’s condition changes, giving expert advice; which is a huge source of comfort to us all.

“We have been overwhelmed by their professionalism, understanding and compassion over the last few years of her diagnosis. Sue Ryder really do have a hugely positive impact on the people who come into contact with the charity.”

... and treating everyone with kindness...

“When I visited my grandma at the hospice it really struck me how wonderful and kind all the staff there were. The end-of-life care and support both of my grandparents received was incredible and I feel it’s my duty now to raise as much money as I can to help them be there when it matters for other people in ill health and their families.”

... we’re there when it matters...

“There is just something about the Sue Ryder team and their training that just makes them incredibly special. I became very fond of all the nurses. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Having mum living with us made sense and it was such a peaceful and calm way to say goodbye. We made her comfortable and the nurses would always talk through what they were doing and I loved them for that. 

“They were my angels and they made a very traumatic time quite serene. I can’t thank them enough for that.”

... for our patients and all the people supporting them

“I was in my early twenties at the time my Grandad died and it’s not something you are necessarily used to dealing with at that age, but twenty years on, and I still have memories of how well looked after he was at the hospice. Equally of the support they offered, not only to my grandad, but to my nan, and my family. The staff were fantastic and we could not thank them enough.”

Thank you to the six supporters who shared their experiences with us:

  • Jennie, quote 1, talks about the care her husband, Dom received 
  • Amanda, quote 2, talks about the care her friend, Kath, received 
  • Letty, quote 3, talks about the care her mum, Bel, is receiving
  • Simon, quote 4, talks about the care his grandparents, Geoff and Irene, received
  • Sophie, quote 5, talks about the care her mum, Sue, received 
  • Michael, quote 6, talks about the care his granddad, John, received 

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