"Emotions were high on finishing and it made the happy tears pour! I felt like I'd really achieved something.”

In this blog post, Kate Berry shares why she encouraged a team of work colleagues and friends to sign up to last year’s Ride for Ryder cycling challenge in support of Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice, and why she’s planning on doing the same again this year.

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"Emotions were high on finishing." 
Team Officeworx ready to take on Ride for Ryder 546
Team Officeworx ready to take on Ride for Ryder.

Ride for Ryder really appealed to us at Officeworx. As a company, we enjoy supporting local charities but this event especially struck a chord. 

Several of us have benefited from the amazing care and support from Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice. This has included day centre attendance, care from the hospice’s Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Dr Paul Perkins, and counselling for us as carers. 

As a charity, all this is provided free of charge. We wanted to give something back to Sue Ryder and show our support by not only participating in the event but also promoting it to our customer base and followers on social media too. A massive £10,000 a day is needed to keep all services running and, as the only hospice of its kind in the county, we really are very fortunate to have it on our doorstep.

Introducing Team Officeworx

Officeworx directors Rob and Paul have done several long-distance cycle rides for charity in the past, but myself and Les decided to join them in Ride for Ryder 2018, creating Team Officeworx! 

With minimal cycling experience, it was a quite big thing for myself and Les - especially as we decided to cycle the 90km route. There was a shorter distance available but we decided to go for it, and try and keep up with Rob and Paul!”

Friends of Officeworx - Lucy Maltby and Chloe Hanman - also joined Team Officeworx in memory of their mum and nanny who passed away under the care and support of Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice, Peterborough, in 2017. Lucy and Chloe were keen to show their thanks and support for Sue Ryder too.

What it was like on the day

The big day was amazing and I will never forget the atmosphere at Dean Close School both starting and finishing the challenge. They had Breeze DJ Craig Wright, great music and many supporters cheering and clapping us on. 

I remember getting goose bumps and really feeling part of something. Many familiar Sue Ryder faces were there encouraging and thanking us for what we do - we were made to feel very special and, most of all, appreciated.

The route was beautiful. It took us all around the Cotswolds, through Broadway village and up to Broadway Tower. 

We stayed together through the whole route, supporting each other on those long hills (Broadway Tower!) and encouraging anyone lagging behind. Regular stops enabled us to hydrate and rest our legs! 

The organisation of the event was fantastic and water stops were fully equipped with encouraging volunteers and tasty treats. It was a real team effort to finish and we did it together.

An emotional finish

Emotions were high on finishing. Personally I had not achieved anything like that in the past - this, coupled with the emotional involvement I had with Sue Ryder, my dad, and Lucy and Chloe’s mum/nanny made the happy tears pour! I felt like I had really achieved something when my medal was awarded. Such a great feeling. 

The day was spent with amazing work colleagues and treasured friends. We worked together towards a great cause, raising over £500 for Sue Ryder.

We’ll be signing up for again for Ride for Ryder 2019. The only decision is what distance to enter! Do we do the longer 130km or the shorter 40km? Either way, we’ll be supporting this wonderful hospice and the amazing work it does for everyday families like ours.

Join Kate in the 2019 team

Do Kate’s words inspire you to get on the start line for Ride for Ryder 2019, taking on our stunning routes in the Cotswold Countryside mixed with a great atmosphere and feel-good factor?

Registration for Ride for Ryder 2019 is open now


Sue Ryder supporter Kate Berry

Ride for Ryder cyclist

Kate Berry

Kate cycled in our Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice Ride for Ryder 2018 challenge along with the rest of her workmates at Officeworx. She enjoyed it so much she plans to do it again in 2019!