Guy Boersma

Guy Boersma is a Social Enterprise CEO and a creative collaborator on social change.

Sue Ryder Trustee, Guy Boersma

Currently Strategy and Development Director and previously CEO at Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network, he has led its establishment and rapid growth. He also serves as Healthcare Denmark’s UK Ambassador and is Professor of Translational Experimental Medicine at the University of Surrey.

Guy brings a wealth of health and care and public service experience from central government and closer to the public service frontline. He convenes creative partnerships, collaborates generously with partners while working together with them on systems change, effective joint working and increasing impact.

Heidi Travis smiling directly at the camera.
Our leadership team
Our leadership team is responsible for making important decisions and guiding the organisation. They work together to set goals, make sure we are working well and are following all the necessary rules and regulations.
A Sue Ryder nurse in a blue uniform smiles directly at the camera. She has a nametag and a rainbow page on her uniform.
About Sue Ryder
For over 70 years Sue Ryder's doctors, nurses and carers have given people the compassion and expert care they need to help them live the best life they possibly can.
A Sue Ryder hospice volunteer serving breakfast to a patient in bed
How we make an impact
How we are making a difference by providing vital care and support to people going through the most difficult times of their lives.