A more caring way to shop

When you shop at Sue Ryder, you’re caring for people and the planet. We've introduced ways to make shopping more sustainable and kinder to the environment, in our charity shops, our Online Shop and our pre-loved ebay store.

Caring for people and the planet

At Sue Ryder, we go the extra mile to give everyone compassionate care. And we believe this care should extend to the world we live in too. 

As one of the UK’s largest charity retailers, we are continually looking to reduce our impact on the environment.

That’s why we champion the sale of pre-loved items. Why we’re introducing upcycling workshops to bring new life to older items. And why we’re stocking more products that help everyone live a more sustainable lifestyle.

With your help, Sue Ryder will continue to care for people and the planet too.

Ways we’re making a difference

Sustainable Living product range

From grow-your-own to furniture repair kits, our Sustainable Living Range has all been chosen with the environment in mind. Available from our Sue Ryder Online Shop, they can also help people and communities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste that otherwise ends up in landfill.

Sue Ryder Upcycle and Repair Workshops

At our in-store workshops, upcycling teams take the time to transform and repair pre-loved furniture, bicycles and clothes. These items can then be resold to raise vital funds for our expert, compassionate care.

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Reducing the need for new clothes

It’s estimated that 85% of clothes end up in landfill. So we want to help customers reduce this waste by buying and reusing pre-loved clothing as much as possible, whether that's in one of our shops or ordering online.

This also reduces manufacturing emissions for new items – textile production alone uses around 93 billion cubic metres of water every year. (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017).

Pre-loved finds online

If you love shopping for pre-loved items, we also have our Sue Ryder Pre-loved eBay shop and Shop with Sue Ryder Instagram, where you can find a host of treasures, from clothes and household items, to musical instruments and other vintage bargains.

#sueryderfind also allows you to share your amazing pre-loved gems and see what other people have managed to find to reuse or upcycle.

There when it matters

Every sale helps us to be there when it matters for the people we care for, while giving a new life to the pre-loved items and helping the environment.

We want to find creative and innovative ways to make the most of items you generously donate to our shops, to continue reducing, reusing and recycling, in-store and online.

You can help us to make a difference.

Sue Ryder's Depop shop

Our Depop shop is where you'll find vintage, retro, designer and other specially selected pre-loved treasures.