How we spend your donations

The vital contribution of our many supporters helps to provide our patients and residents with the expert care and compassionate support they need and deserve. 79p in every £1 spent goes towards supporting people at the most difficult times of their lives.

Most of the funding for our work comes from our dedicated supporters; whether making regular or single donations, donating goods to our shops, taking part in events, or leaving gifts in their wills.

Without the vital contribution of our many supporters, it would be impossible to provide our patients and residents with the expert care and compassionate support they need and deserve.

79p in every £1 spent goes towards our palliative, neurological and bereavement support

Thanks to our supporters’ generous donations we are able to:

  • provide over 2 million hours of care to thousands of people every year
  • provide Online Bereavement Support to those struggling with grief when a loved one has died: professional counselling via video chat, an online community to connect people with others also struggling with loss, and a range of online information and resources around death and dying
  • give patients the chance to get the most out of life, even through the most difficult times

Our patients and residents are so grateful for the support you give them to meet the challenges they face every day, so 'thank you' from all of us.

How your donations help

£20 could pay for a patient’s meals for the day in one of our hospices.

£25 could help fund an hour of expert care and help fill another family’s final days with love.

£60 could provide one complementary therapy session, such as massage, aromatherapy and reiki; these help improve feelings of well-being and alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, breathlessness, pain and feeling sick.

£145 could help pay for a Sue Ryder Nurse, providing expert, compassionate care for a day.

£600 could help fund another 24 hours of expert care so that someone can spend their final days in familiar surroundings, with treasured memories and their family.

It costs around £3,244 for someone to be cared for at home in their final days by a Sue Ryder Hospice at Home Nurse.

£13,000 would pay to run one of our Sue Ryder hospices for a day. Our dedicated hospice teams include doctors, nurses, care assistants, occupational therapists and family support teams filling final days with kindness and love.

A generous gift of £40,000 would pay for a Sue Ryder Nurse for a year helping to fill more families' final days with love.

Make a donation today

You can become a Friend of Sue Ryder through a regular donation and help us to provide our palliative and bereavement support.