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We would be so grateful to be nominated as your organisation's next charity partner. By partnering with Sue Ryder, you'll be helping us to continue providing our palliative care and bereavement support, and helping people live the best life they possibly can.

Get your nomination noticed

If you're looking for some inspiration, we've got some handy tips and information to help get your nomination of Sue Ryder as your charity partner noticed among your colleagues and team leaders.

If you’ve nominated us as your workplace’s chosen charity, please let us know.

Business support pack

Our information pack you can share with your colleagues about Sue Ryder's expert care and how your partnership can help us be there when it matters.

What to say

If you are presenting to your colleagues or sending out an email, you could begin your nomination with the following introduction:

The end of people’s lives should be filled with treasured memories, family and friends, kindness and love. But sadly, one in four families are not able to access the end-of-life care they need, which means this time can be filled with uncertainty, pain and struggle instead. Together we can change this. 

By partnering with Sue Ryder, [enter your organisation] will be helping families through the most difficult times of their lives and filling someone's last days with love.

Our tips

Why is Sue Ryder important to you? 

Sharing your own personal connection to our care can be really powerful when reaching out to your colleagues. They may have had similar experiences and connect to your story. Even if they haven't, your personal link to the work Sue Ryder does can really help strengthen your nomination.

Back up your case with stats

To help argue your case, use statistics, figures and facts which will really have an impact and resonate with your work colleagues.

Why Sue Ryder need your support 

Did you know that currently the government provides only one third (37%) of the funding that hospices need? Sue Ryder, like the rest of the sector, must rely on fundraising activities and voluntary donations to cover the remaining costs of providing palliative care services.

Your organisation's partnership could make a real difference to the funds we're able to raise for our care, now and in the future.

See how Sue Ryder's expert care is funded

Help us be there when it matters

The expert care we provide across our care centres, in people's homes and in local communities is free, but as well as the support of our fundraisers and generous donations people give us, we need partnerships like yours to ensure we can continue to be there when it matters for those we care for.

We really appreciate you considering Sue Ryder as your charity of the year and hope that your nomination is successful.

We can't wait to work with you and begin our partnership together!

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If you’ve already nominated us to be your workplace’s chosen charity, let us know.