Donate electrical goods

Looking to donate electrical goods to charity? Donations of your electrical items are greatly appreciated and help to support our expert, compassionate care.

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Charity shops that take electrical goods

All donations are appreciated and add up to make a real difference. We can test and sell a range of electrical goods donated to us.

How to donate your electrical goods to charity

To donate your electrical items, just take them into your local Sue Ryder shop. Please note though, that not all of our shops can take electrical items, so please call ahead first to check.

Recycle your electricals trial

In ten of our North London stores we’re trialling the donation of small electrical items with Recycle Your Electricals, a not-for-profit organisation who aims to stop electricals being hoarded and thrown away, and ensure they’re reused and recycled instead.

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If you live near or around one of the following stores, simply bring your items in-store to give them a new lease of life and help ensure everyone has access to electricals at affordable prices:

Items will be resold to help someone approaching the end-of-life or living with grief so they can access the support they need.

We’d be delighted to receive your small unwanted electricals, including working flat TV screens, but we’d not be able to accept anything bigger than a microwave. All your items will then be tested and sold.

Electrical items we can’t accept

For safety reasons, however, we are unable to sell the following electrical goods. For anything that can't be accepted, visit Recycle Your Electricals to find your local drop-off points for these items.

  • Loose batteries
  • lightbulbs
  • vapes
  • home-recorded DVDs, video and audio tapes
  • home-recorded computer games and software
  • 18 rated videos or DVDs
  • electric blankets
  • electric showers
  • sun beds and tanning equipment
  • waste disposal units
  • mobile phones
  • PC computer hard drives, laptops, personal computers, and tablets - we can’t ensure they are wiped of personal data
  • e-readers
  • any power tools - we can’t guarantee that all parts are working and safe for use
  • personal hygiene items - eg shavers and foot spas 
  • microwaves 
  • white goods (eg fridges, freezers or washing machines).
Find your local shop

To donate your electrical items, just take them into your local Sue Ryder shop. Please note, not all of our shops can take electrical items, so please call ahead first to check.

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Donate items to your local charity shop
Sue Ryder shops are places you can bring items you no longer need, knowing that your donations will help support our expert, compassionate care.
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Find your local Sue Ryder charity shop
From vintage and retro, to £3 or less and our larger superstores, find your local Sue Ryder charity shop by entering your postcode.
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Sign up for Retail Gift Aid
Have you donated items to our charity shops or use our free furniture collection service? Sign up to gift aid for your donated items with our quick online form at the bottom of this page.