Sue Ryder statement on end of life care ahead of debate in House of Lords

Ahead of the debate in the House of Lords today, Tuesday 14th March, Sue Ryder comments on why it’s so important to hear about how the Government will follow through on its National Commitment to improve end of life care.

Sue Hogston, Chief Nurse at Sue Ryder, comments:

"It’s really important that the government prioritises end of life care and shows leadership on this important issue. No relative or carer should be left feeling that their loved one had experienced poor care at such an important time. We know as professionals that we only have one chance to get it right.

"At Sue Ryder, we have been pushing hard for the Government to set out in detail how they will improve end of life care and we’ve been working to influence the contents of the new plan to make sure that it covers the areas we know are important for people at the end of life.

"We welcome the Government National Commitment to end of life care. The test now will be to see how they follow through on these plans, and see them implemented on the ground in a way that improves things for all people at the end of life and leaves those important to them with memories not tainted by poor experience in last days of life.

"We are particularly interested to hear about 24/7 practical, emotional and coordination support. We believe everyone approaching the end of life, and their carers, should have access to these vital services so dying people do not have to face extra fear, isolation and distress.

"People approaching their end of their life can choose to die at home if they wish, but they need to be confident that they and those important to them can access the right support any time of the day or night. This kind of support is crucial to help people have the kind of death we all want – dignified, peaceful and free from distressing symptoms, while avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions."


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