Grief in the workplace

Most people will experience the death of someone they know at some point during their working lives. In the last twelve months 24% of working-age people, which equates to 7.9 million employees, have experienced a bereavement.

Download: Grief in the workplace report

This report considers the impact of bereavement on both employees and the economy and provides evidence-based recommendations to employers to help them provide better bereavement support.

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Comment: Statutory paid bereavement leave

Currently in the UK, there is no statutory right to paid leave, leaving potentially thousands of workers unprotected. Our research shows workplace grief costs the UK economy £23 billion per year but this cost could be significantly mitigated by ensuring workers have time off to grieve.

Comment: Bereavement leave in the Queen’s Speech

Sue Ryder is urging the Government to include the Employment Bill in the Queen’s Speech on 10 May, as a legal right to paid bereavement leave for all could be introduced within an Employment Bill.