“When we arrive, people breathe a sigh of relief. We allow them to become a family again.”

"It's a really exciting time to be joining Sue Ryder," says Emma Wright, the new Clinical Lead for Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court's Hospice at Home and Day Hospice. “We’re growing our care services so we can be there for more people in our local community in Gloucestershire. It’s an opportunity to make a big difference.”

"Families tell us their loved ones wanted to stay at home and we helped them do that; that's pretty powerful."
"It's an amazing privilege to support vulnerable families."
"Sue Ryder offers a supportive environment, and the training is second to none. I have only been here two weeks and I've been so warmly welcomed."

“I have always wanted to work for Sue Ryder," adds Emma, a married mother of one from Cheltenham. "Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice has such a strong local presence and is well loved by many because of the expert and compassionate care it gives.

"I’m thrilled to be here in this new role managing the growth of our community services.”

Thanks to a donation from The Summerfield Charitable Trust, our Leckhampton Court Hospice is currently expanding its Hospice at Home service from one team to three, meaning its specialist and expert palliative care can help more people stay at home at the end of their life, preventing admissions to hospital and other care settings.

As part of the growth, our Gloucestershire-based hospice is recruiting Senior Nursing Assistants and Nursing Assistants to join our expert team. 

Wanted: Senior Nursing Assistants and Nursing Assistants

“We’ve already recruited five fantastic new members to our Hospice at Home team, but to achieve our vision of more care for more people, we need more people to join us,” says Emma.

“I’d love to hear from anyone who is passionate about providing excellent care, wants to be part of a great team of skilled care professionals and, last but by no means least, will be proud to be a Sue Ryder ambassador.

“In return Sue Ryder offers a supportive environment," she continues. "I've only been here two weeks and I've been so warmly welcomed. The team here are so kind and supportive – everything you would expect from a hospice really! The training is second to none too. Working with Sue Ryder will give you the opportunity to really develop your healthcare expertise.”

"Hospice at Home is all about fulfilling people's final wishes"

With more people expressing a wish to remain at home at the end of their life, Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court’s Hospice at Home team is receiving more and more referrals.

“Hospice at Home care is all about helping people remain at home and be cared for in their own familiar surroundings," explains Emma. "It’s helping to fulfil those final wishes and making a huge difference to families when they're at their most vulnerable.

"If we can support them then... well, it’s an amazing privilege really.”

"People tell us what a difference our care makes"

The team’s support is highly valued, Emma adds. 

“When we go in, we see families breathe a sigh of relief. It takes that responsibility of being the main carer away. It allows people to become wives, husbands, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters again.

“Feedback tells us what a difference our care makes. Families tell us their loved ones wanted to stay at home, and that we helped them do that. They tell us that we helped them become a family again," she says. "That’s pretty powerful.”

Anyone interested in finding out more is encouraged to come take a tour of the hospice and meet Emma and the team. Call 01242 230 199 to arrange a visit. You can also apply online.

Interested in joining the team?

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