Sue Ryder launches Charity Lottery Lucky Dips in shops

A shop worker promotes the Sue Ryder lottery and lucky dips

We're now selling Lucky Dip tickets to our own weekly Sue Ryder Lottery in our charity shops across the country. This bold move is thanks to new specifically designed technology, making Sue Ryder the first retailer able to produce Charity Lottery Lucky Dips in this way.

The new technology is the most advanced in the charity sector and make it easy for customers to play, check and claim a prize in store.

The shops' tills produce a unique £1 lottery ticket that can be checked in store after the draw takes place, and prizes of £5 and £10 can be paid out to the winners in cash. The lottery draw takes place every Friday and customers can also buy tickets that go into the draw for more than one week.

“This new way to play the Sue Ryder Lottery is a vital way of raising money to help care for people facing a frightening, life-changing diagnosis," says our Director of Retail, Marketing & Communications David Borrett. “Not only will it help raise a significant amount of money – at the same time it will reward people with over 60 prizes a week, including a yearly Super Draw, so people are winning on our lottery all the time.”

Technology opens doors to new and exciting ways to fundraise

Our charity, along with IT partner K3 Retail, has recently completed the installation of EPoS (Electronic point-of-sale) machines across the country, giving us much greater ability in gathering sales information and inventory within each store.

Not only will this technology have a dramatic effect on efficiency, it has also enabled us, along with Lottery partner Sterling Lotteries, to launch our very own Lucky Dip entry to our weekly society lottery.

“We need to raise £49.2 million to keep our services running every year; we receive some income through statutory funding but still need to raise £19.9m through our shops and our supporters," continues David. "So it’s more important now than ever before that we have the best systems, along with new and exciting ways to fundraise, which can help our shops raise these vital funds.”

80p of each £1 ticket goes to our hospice and neurological care

There are other lotteries out there - Health, National and Postcode lotteries all also raise money for good causes - but the legal minimum contribution to a good cause is only 20% of ticket sales. With our Sue Ryder Lottery, over 80% of money raised from tickets in 2017 went directly to supporting people with life-limiting conditions, their family and friends.

Currently, Sue Ryder has a weekly lottery every Friday to which supporters can sign up, paying by Direct Debit. Tickets cost just £1 and over £2.2 million has been raised since its launch in 2015, giving our charity a sustainable long-term source of revenue.

This new technology, designed specifically for Sue Ryder, means that we can also sell Lucky Dips in our stores. The lottery works in a similar way to a raffle: everyone gets a lucky number that’s unique to them. If their number is drawn, they win a prize. This means that all of our prizes are guaranteed to be won every week. Prize amounts range from £5 to a whopping £10,000.

At Sue Ryder we ensure that all till operators are fully trained, and adhere to responsible gambling rules and regulations. The Gambling Commission regulates gambling in the public interest, and we make sure that we protect children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Fancy a flutter?

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