New state of the art care centre in Lancashire needs to raise £1 million

Sue Ryder is calling on the public to support the building of its new neurological care centre on the Eastway Development in Preston. 

Sue Ryder Neurological Centre Lancashire from the front entrance

The Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire will revolutionise the support and rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions and acquired brain injuries across the county.  

Help us to raise £1 million to support the new centre

The charity is calling on the residents and local or national businesses in Lancashire to support the fundraising appeal to raise a further £1 million to provide vital equipment for residents, soft furnishings and facilities for social activities.

By donating to the build of the new Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire, you will be supporting a service at the forefront of modernisation of neurological care. The centre will be able to provide support for generations to come who will receive dynamic and person-centred care.

The purpose-built centre will consist of 40 rooms and 4 supported living apartments providing specialist care and rehabilitation for people suffering from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s and multiple sclerosis as well as those with acquired brain injuries. 

The centre will be equipped with a wide range of facilities to help support the delivery of the expert care required by residents, including a dedicated rehabilitation kitchen and hydrotherapy pool.  

The kitchen will be fitted out with appliances and utensils specially adapted to aid those who are undergoing therapy. Working with an Occupational Therapist to re-learn skills like cooking is a crucial part of a person’s rehabilitation following an accident or a stroke as this encourages them to regain independence and confidence, so they can return home. 

A hydrotherapy pool will also be a valuable addition to the centre. Often, people with neurological conditions are able to perform movements in the warm water that they are unable to do on dry land. The team of physiotherapists will be able to use the pool to tailor exercises to each individual.

Speaking ahead of the opening, Terry Mears, Centre Director for Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire, said:

"For over 30 years, Sue Ryder has played a key role in the delivery of specialist care for people living with life changing neurological conditions or acquired brain injuries in Lancashire.

"The new centre is our commitment to continuing to provide expert support and allowing us to be at the forefront of modernising neurological care across the county.  

"Sue Ryder needs your support to raise a further £1 million to provide vital equipment that will support the work of the centre. This money will help create the best environment for residents to thrive in their everyday lives, therapy sessions and social activities. Every penny really does count at this stage – so if you are in the position to support us, please do get in touch."

Support Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire